Attention low content book authors…

Low Content Riches hidden in plain sight

You can finally stop playing darts in the dark with your low content book publishing with a new way to research niches.

Hey, Oliver Franco here. I’ve been making income online for about a decade now, and low content book publishing is by far the easiest money I’ve ever made on the internet. But it’s only because I have an unfair advantage (more on this below). This is of course not the experience of the common low content book publisher. Everywhere you look on Facebook and forums, people are stuck wasting effort on books that will never sell. Here’s something to keep in mind in this game…

You’ve failed before starting if you select the wrong niche

Does that sound harsh? Maybe it is, but tell you what tho: It’s the truth. Finding a profitable niche is where your success starts of fails. It doesn’t matter how good your low content book is, if it’s the wrong niche, you won’t make a buck. Hope is not a good strategy either, if all you do is make books you would like to make and hope they sell, chances are it won’t.
Not having a specific niche to target is like throwing darts in the dark and hoping you’ll hit something. Compare this pray and spray approach to two facts:

My first low content books sold the first day they went live

I uploaded my very first no content books and the day they went completely live, I’ve sold. A book is “completely live” not when Amazon gives the green light, but a few days afterwards when the “look inside” has been generated. But that is not all…

I Sold 7/14 books the same day they went live

Picture this: I upload 14 low content books on Thursday. They all get accepted on Saturday. By Monday, the day they went completely live with the “look inside” ready, I’ve sold half of them.
This is not 14 designs in one niche, this is 14 books in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NICHES. And at the time of writing, it’s 8/14 low content books from this batch I’ve created.

If someone does something right the first time, maybe they were lucky. But if someone does something successfully 8 times, there’s something special in what they are doing. And let me reveal to you that…

The secret is low content
3D Niche research ™

So…what am I doing that others aren’t? Everybody else is doing niche research but the secret is 3D Niche Research ™ . What’s the difference? Flat niche research is “flat”, it’s all about looking at a niche to see if it’s selling, and the competition. That’s it.

3D niche research on the other hand sees in 3 dimensions. I reveals niches that others miss because there’s a LOT of untapped niches that can be found if you look at them in 3D. When looking at niches, your competition looks at them and see a square, but 3D niche research reveals the niches to be a cube. What will this do for you?

It finds profitable niches hidden in plain sight!

3D Niche research is like looking at a muddy rock. Everyone will pass by it, no one will pay attention to it…dismissing it. While you take it home, wash it with water to reveal it was pure gold underneath the mud.

The only reason why you think the low content book space is saturated is only because you are looking at niches in flat 2D. See them in 3D and it uncovers hidden in plain-sight niches that are ripe for the taking.

Here’s proof: 2 of the 7 books I sold on the spot were in an extremely competitive niche. Some competitors have been there for years and yet, I found a profitable spot and dropped the first 2 low content books in there. And 3D Niche research keeps uncovering niches for me day by day.

So. Do you want to start doing Niche Research the RIGHT way? A way that reveals riches hidden in plain sight? If so…

You Can Now Get My Low Content 3D Niche Research ™ Report

Here’s what I did. I compiled my 3D Niche research process into a report you can get instantly in PDF. This is for action takers only. This is 6 pages of action packed secrets that finds low content riches hidden in plain sight.

Revealed inside:

3D Niche research process step by step

How to make competition irrelevant

The “cheat code” of Niche research

When to enter a Niche even if others aren’t selling

How to profit from the Amazon algorithm loophole that will NEVER go away.

5 profit Secrets to earn in specific niches

By now you probably are wondering…

Instant PD Download

Aren’t I afraid of competition?

Good question. The more I write about this valuable report, the more I feel like I want to stop and keep the secrets just for myself. Why would I want to arm my competition, right?

Well, the way I see it, competition will come anyways. So if you can’t beat them, join’em, hence I am fine revealing my tricks. But still, between me and you I’m not afraid of competition at all. Why? Because 3D Niche research showed me that there is so much opportunity that it will take more than a hundred years to really corner each market, and I can’t fill every single need.

If your niche research is poor, then yes it’s saturated. But once you start looking in 3D, you’ll see opportunity everywhere, including where there’s a lot of competition. That being said. I reserve the right to take this down at anytime.

Let’s get into…

How much is this?

How much is this worth? Just one low content book can launch your income sky high. But let’s be on the safe side and say 3D Niche research reveals one niche to you. And you end up with $20.00 by the end of the month. But that mild success compounds every month and by the end of the year, just one book can add $300.00 to your income. And that’s just one book. Just 3 mild success books can add almost $1000.00 to your bottom line by the end of the year.

But I am not going to charge you $1000.00
Not even half at $500.00
Not even half that at $250.00

The 3D Niche Research Report is yours for a small investment of $47

Click here to get 3D Niche Research now

A spreadsheet
of 431 low content Niches

Not only are you going to get a new way to do Niche research, I will also give you a spreadsheet containing 431 low content niches. These are niches that either made me money, I’ve researched or I know someone who has made money in.

3D Niche research is my secret sauce, but this is the bread and butter. I just go to this list and apply the 3D Niche research process and earn.

You get this for free as a bonus for getting my report.

Instant download as .CSV, .PDF and .XLS

All sales final

I am NOT going to reveal my closely guarded secrets and niche hit list, just to have someone profit handsomely from it and then ask for a refund. All sales are final, no refund. I will give you exactly what I promise: A huge list of niches, and a specific way to extract maximum potential for each. If that is not what you are looking for then look away. But for those that know that the riches are in the niches, I am offering this for peanuts because…

This pays for itself

One, just one low content book can mean hundreds of extra dollars in your bank account per month. This is a list of 500. niches, What are the odds of you stumbling upon 3 that work incredibly well?

So If you think $47 is expensive for this. Then it is…but only for the WRONG person. But for the right person, the person that success will come to knows that $47 is absolute peanuts. Because one, just one low content book can bring you hundreds of dollars for years to come. This can easily 5x to 10x your investment.

But don’t delay, act now. Every second you are wasting not having this is your hands is someone else profiting from these niches. Act now and get it before anyone else.

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