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Hey there, sexy. The name’s Oliver Franco and I’ve been learning a healthy living online for a decade.
There’s a lot I wish I knew when I started, hence this site that focuses on simple strategies to earn a living in the digital world. As you can tell by this description…no hype, no b.s.


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KDP Low content articles

LCB are books like journals and more. Check out this article for a complete guide

Internet Marketing articles

Best Dan Kennedy Course

Dan Kennedy is a prolific marketer. No kidding, his products probably run in the hundreds and span decades of work. In this article I am …
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What They Say

Do you have your year planned out in advance?

The 5 Minute Content Plan

Content planning is EASY. There, I said it.
You just need to see content in a different light AND use data in your favor.
Here’s how to get hundreds of blog posts ideas in 5 minutes flat.

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