Monthly Mentor Club review: Scam alert? [2021]

Wondering if Terry Dean’s membership is for you? Read my Monthly Mentor Club review to find out if it’s a scam or not.


What is Monthly Mentor Club?

What it looks like inside the membership

Monthly Mentor Club is a membership program about internet marketing made by Terry Dean. It contains access to monthly webinars, a physical newsletter (with PDF version), access to a private forum and database of past issues and webinars. It also contains a 12 month program, delivered monthly that aims to take you from newbie to able marketer.

Who is Terry Dean?

Terry Dean a few years ago

Terty Dean is one of the oldest internet marketers that is still around. He had the word’s first Marketing membership (Netprofits) and currently coaches clients above running his membership and products. Because of this he has his hands on the pulse of multiple markets at all times.

Is he a scammer?

Let me tell you a story. I remember being in another marketer’s membership and I couldn’t help to feel there was something off about his attitude and I realized why a few months later. He pushed out an ebook in a topic I was an expert about. I quickly realized this guy has no idea what he is saying, and that casted doubt on his marketing material. After digging deeper I realized he went directly to marketing as a niche as his first venture, and I immediately lost all respect for him.

I asked another member if he agrees with my assessment of that marketer, he said yeah, that guy is just a teacher. Terry on the other hand earned his stripes on Compuserve selling self help tapes and got into marketing AFTER he was first successful. But just because he could make it work then doesn’t mean he can make it work today. That is why the fact that Terry still coaches to this day is crucial: That means he knows what works and what doesn’t in multiple markets.

I was afraid to invest into the Monthly Mentor Club because I never heard of Terry Dean before. He’s not the poster boy for marketing, he barely has any presence online. It’s only later that I learned why: He’s a reserved guy that doesn’t like the spotlight. And he is actually VERY well known behind the scenes in marketing circles. Folks like Doberman Dan, Ben Settle and others pay him respect.

So Terry is the real deal. I can count on one hand how many of the “Good guys” there are out there in marketing and Terry is one of them. He has absolute integrity and while that might make him less in the long run, he’s still around after decades so being truthful pays off in the end.

Is MMC a scam?

Before getting into the Monthly Mentor Club review proper, let me first tell you NOT to be put down by either the “Monthly Mentor Club” name or Terry’s domain name “My Marketing coach”. Under the cheesy name and branding you have one of the most value packed internet marketing memberships I have ever seen.

If you ever hear a story about someone doing something crazy, chances are they are from Florida. Some people throw alligators at drive thru windows, some people get tired of waiting at the hospital so they steal an ambulance…some people like Terry give you $500 worth of value for $39 per month. If it’s a scam, he’s scamming himself.

I will go deeper into what you get within the membership further down my Monthly Mentor Club review but really if you are reading this order to find out if it is worth the price of admission, it absolutely is. It delivers way more value than a lot of $197 memberships I’ve been in. And Terry knows his stuff very well. Click here to join now.

Monthly Menthor Club review

There’s a lot of components to the club so one immediate negative could be that it’s almost too much. Not only there’s monthly content, there’s the back issues and 10 bonuses. This is probably one of the best deals in Internet Marketing you can find, period.

The best way to approach it is to simply not be overwhlemed by the amount of content and simply focus on your “main thing”. Maybe you want to start so his monthly modules that teaches online marketing from a beginner’s perspective is what you need to focus on for now. The first month starts with the crucial piece on how to chose a market. And take it from someone who’s been in the trenches, you’ve won or lost at this very first step.

If you are a more seasoned marketer, you can go directly into the webinars to find what you need. Let’s look at each individual pieces

1. The monthly newsletter

What each newsletter looks like – Monthly Mentor Club review

Every month you get a newsletter delivered to your mail. Yes that is something that is PHYSICALLY shipped. Now I don’t care about this because I read everything on my e-reader so I sent an email to stop the shipping and just enjoyed the PDF version. Every month Terry tackles a subject in his newsletter. That can be some mindset issues, how to broker JVs, how to get leads form Kindle, irresistible offers and more. It is incredible how much this guy can output without getting touching the same subject over and over again.

Occasionally he will have an interview about a particular topic. One that sticks out is his interview with Dr Glen Livingston about resilience. I only remember one quote from this interview that has brought me more peace than every mental toughness / self help book I’ve read.

This is like cliff-notes of marketing and is worth the price of admission alone. No need to waste hours upon hours, you get what you need in just one sitting.

2. The monthly webinar

Monthly webinar – Monthly mentor club review

Every month there’s a webinar that expands on the newsletter topic. It’s mostly a presentation with hot-seat and coaching at the end. I never personally attended a live event, only asked a question on the forum to be answered live. The webinar themselves are worth the price of admission alone.

It’s like a mini internet marketing seminar in every webinar. They are so value packed that I found myself pausing often to write down notes. Remember that Terry coaches multiple clients in a variety of niches, and while he will never reveal their exact niche or strategy, there’s specific numbers and strategies in those webinars that I would have paid thousands to know.

Screenshot from monthly webinar – Monthly Mentor Club review

I wont divulge anything because of copyright infringement, but for example exactly what NOT to do with email optins from FB ads has been invaluable to me. You also get access to past webinars to so there is always something to watch instead of TV. Having gone trough mostly all of the webinars and newsletters, all of them are pretty much evergreen.

How to get other people to promote your stuff is pretty much valid for all time. So there is no outdated content in there. If there is the odd reference to something old like burning a CD, 99% of the rest, like how to create a highly valuable infoproduct quickly is evergreen.

Well, maybe not EVERYTHING is evergreen, he still has pictures with his younger skinny version with a full set of hair. Now he’s bald and looks like he can kick your butt in a street fight.

3. The forum

The forum topics – Monthly mentor club review

The forum is Self hosted by Terry and not a Facebook group. It’s pretty straightforward as you can see above. There is the possibility to JV and promote your stuff in two of the boards but the main draw is the general board. This is where you can ask Terry any questions you may have.

There are mostly lurkers in there (People who signed in but never really participate), so the feeling is like a cozy neighborhood restaurant where you feel like you know everyone. You get a feel for what everyone is doing and you will always have your questions answered. Terry charges $1000/month for coaching so this is the closest you will ever get without actually hiring him.

He’s pretty generous too. I’ve seen some people struggle with headlines and while most marketers would simply guide them, Terry outright gave some killer headlines himself. You can ask your question and get your answers daily, often others will pitch in to create a powerful, tight knit digital mastermind. Here’s a few examples of interactions I’ve seen over the years:

  • Terry will tell you what you need to hear. There was one guy who’s been doing nothing. Terry gently pointed out what was obvious to everyone that he was hiding behind excuses. He ended up still not doing much, at the end of the day no matter how good Terry is, if you don’t want to help yourself, you are screwed.
  • There was a woman who wanted to enter a particular niche, but under Terry’s coaching she pivoted to a much larger opportunity as an affiliate
  • A few years ago my website was acting up. While I expected some degree of sympathy for my situation, what I got instead was tough love. What I head was: “This is the price of playing the game. Get up”. I didn’t like that but glad that is the answer I received.

I’ve been in many forums and the feeling you get in MMC (Monthly Mentor Club) is pretty unique. No attitudes, no ego trips, no butt kissing. The biggest strength is that the forum is small and tight knit, I even made legit friends there. The value you get on this forum is worth the admission alone. I’ve said this before but truth be told, you could take every single piece by itself and it will be worth it.

4. The starter kit

Beginner modules – Monthly Mentor Club review

Since when I joined Monthly Mentor Club, I already started I skipped this part. But if you have zero clue about marketing, this is the kind of stuff I wish I had when I started. As a newbie you never know who to trust, that is why I cluelessly spent $500 on a course that I should have never taken in the first place about guest posting. They positioned it as “THE” thing I needed.

If you are just starting, stick with this part and avoid the stupidity tax myself and countless others have paid. This is really a “This is how making money online” works course that you get once a month. Work on each section and by the end of the day you will be set up with a solid website that earns. If you are a beginner and you get MMC, I seriously envy you because you are getting THE best start possible and wish we could trade places.

5. The 10 bonuses

Terry Dean Marketing makeover book – Monthly Mentor Club review

The bonuses that come with Monthly Mentor Club touch on everything like how to create an infoproduct in 2 hours, how to systematize so that you earn more and work less, mind control persuasion and more. I have enjoyed all of them but there is one that sticks out like a sore thumb. The thousand dollar marketing makeover guide.

This is one of my most prized possession. This is a special report containing a variety of pertinent questions that will surface any problem you might have with your site. You could pay Terry his $1000/month consulting fee or simply get this report for free as a bonus. He values it at $199 but it’s worth way more. I would gladly pay $1000 for it because these are questions that he formulated over about two decades of coaching online businesses making it insanely valuable.

Are there any negatives?

Let’s conclude my Monthly Mentor Club review with the negatives. The content itself is untouchable. I have never seen anything within the webinars or newsletter that are any red flags. I’ve read every single reply from Terry and he’s never mislead anyone. My only complaint is that he is sometimes almost a bit too nice. Some people need a nice whack over their heads to get out of their own b.s. While Terry will tell them that they need to hear, my diagnostic requires a bat and their head to whack.

The other negative is that there’s a risk of overwhelm when going in the membership. There’s the monthly stuff, there’s the past issues, there’s the monthly starter kit, there’s the forum and then the bonuses. So yes, you get 100x times worth what you’ve paid for but it’s like being offered a complete marketing library from the get-go.

The best thing you can do is introduce yourself and ask where you should start. Monthly Mentor Club is so large you’ll always find something that will have immediate impact after watching or reading. Join by clicking here.

What this has done for me

Oh I know what you want to know. You want to know “Will this make me money?”. Huh oh. Danger. If I say yes that makes me liable! There’s always someone who’s just read “The Secret” and then full of entitlement they’ll invest in Monthly Mentor Club, sit on their couch and wonder when the Lambo’s going to drive itself to their garage.

Let me say it like this. If I think of people who’s make an impact on my financial life, Terry Dean will come to mind and MMC is one of the best investments I ever made. I even sent him a Christmas email with these words. So you will put all of your best chances for success online by investing in Monthly Mentor Club and doing the work. There are no guarantees in life.

Terry’s biggest crime is being reserved. I wish he was “out there” more so that I didn’t waste years of my life and thousands of dollars running in circles not getting anywhere. A lot of what I’ve got: clarity, confidence, marketing chops come from Monthly Mentor Club. So while Terry likes being reserved, I have no problem pushing him up in order to save those who want to make a living online (or want to earn more while working less) from the expensive stupidity tax.

Simple headline formulas that earn


If you want to or are make money online, this is the only marketing investment you need. Beginners will have THE best start I can possibly think of. If you are already earning, this is a great way to be on top of what’s working right now without actually being in the market itself.

I’ve been earning online for a decade and this is hands down one of the best values you will ever get for money. The value is insane and this is really good stuff. Terry doesn’t tooth his own horn but as I heard a member say “Don’s let his humble demeanor fool you, he’s a sharp marketer”. Click here to check it out.

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