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Is low content publishing worth it in 2021? Too late for you?

You’ve seen the screenshots and now wonder, is low content publishing worth it in 2021? I’ve been in the game for a while now and here is what nobody tells you about the opportunity.


KDP low content books is a way to sell low content books on Amazon. All you need is two PDF files (an interior file and an exterior) and you can start earning a piece from the internet’s biggest retailer. You’ve probably seen the screenshots. A lot of people make a lot of money.

Is it too late for you to jump in? Is low content publishing worth it still? Let’s look at an overview of the pros and cons and get deep into the subject.

Easy to get momentumLow quality products invade the system
No risk, high potentialAlgorithm can turn against you
No product capRip-offs
Low maintenance
The easiest way to sell on Amazon

If you wanted to sell something, would you sell it in the neighborhood store or would you sell it in Wallmart? Wallmart is a better option because more people go to Wallmart than your neighborhood store. That is why people put their stuff for sale on Amazon.

But it’s really hard. There are a LOT and I mean a LOT of barriers to selling stuff from Amazon, you need money and a large paper trail. Because Amazon favors authors besides putting in your tax information, all you need is two PDF files to start making money.

So you can publish an unlimited amount of books on the internet’s biggest retailer. That is what makes KDP low content publishing so interesting. Plus sales can be instant. I will never forger making my first sale a week after I jumped in, why? Because if you are into SEO, you expect your first sale 6+ months down the road.

By now you get it, there’s a lot of money. You just want to know if it’s still worth it to jump in. Let’s look at what others are saying and then tell you what nobody else is saying.

Why most don’t think it’s worth it

Look around Youtube and blogs and most till tell you the answer to is Low content publishing worth it? Is no. Here’s their reasons why below. Don’t get discouraged, it gets better once I’ll tell you what nobody else does.

Increased competition

Ask most people “is low content publishing worth it?” and they will tell you NO. There is mostly one main reason: The competition. It’s incredibly easy to start a low content publishing business so you betcha there’s everyone trying to get in the action.

And that is TRUE. There is more and more people jumping in the bandwagon and publishing books. There are spam uploaders that can upload 100 books at a time (This is against Amazon’s terms of service and their account can be terminated) and that makes things harder for beginners.


If something sells, guess what? Most people will start a competing product to take away some of your sales. I single handedly created a low content book MOVEMENT in a particular niche. And you see a bunch of people trying to copy my design, my font and more.

Not lifetime earnings

The dream of every writer and low content book publisher is to have titles that sell forever. But because you face new competition that try to rip you off everyday, this makes it hard to actually sustain a lifetime of royalties.

Can be tedious

Easy uploading with the lister

I’ve also heard the issues that it is tedious to stay on top of trends and uploading to KDP is a pain. We will talk about trends later and as for uploading being a pain, Book Bolt makes this easy with the lister Chrome extension. Just push in a keyboard shortcut and you are almost done.

Now that you’ve read all of these it sure does sound like the answer to is low content publishing worth it is NO. But that is not the case. Here’s what nobody tells you.

Is low content publishing worth it?

Let me take a contrarian approach to the whole thing and set the record straight. Is low content publishing worth it in 2021? The answer is YES. Let me tell you why.

So much opportunity and competition isn’t much of an issue

A lot of people think KDP low content is dead because they don’t know how to research, they have garbage titles that don’t sell and then turn around to tell everyone that it’s dead. Fact is, I started my KDP journey when everyone was saying it was too saturated.

Is low content book publishing saturated? Yeah. Is there competition, yeah. But that depends on where you are looking. Most low content book publishers have zero strategy so they see something like “Get sh*t done”, make an ugly alternative and wonder why their title isn’t selling. Because thousands of others didn’t have that bright idea yet.

There is so much opportunity on KDP low content books that it’s not even funny. In my book competition is irrelevant. There are so many empty niches out there, underserved niches (or niches with garbage titles) that every time I am supposed to do research on one idea, I end up with 5 ideas.

If low content creators want to think there’s a lot of competition, let them think that. Just go off the beaten path and there’s tons of opportunity to make money.

Copycats are really dumb

Afraid of your successful title being ripped off? Don’t be. For three reasons. First nobody can rip you off completely, same design, same interior, same description, this can get them in trouble. Second, even if you are eventually ripped off, you have momentum going for you. Meaning by the time your copycats pop out of the woodwork, you have a bunch of sales and reviews and are favored by the algorithm. It’s not your friend however.

But the last reason is…copycats are REALLY dumb. I’ve created a movement within a niche and I’ve watch competitors try to rip me off as much as they could. It’s quite something because some think that why my title worked was the background so they made a similar background, some think it was the text, so they have similar fonts. Some even copied my little benefits text.

Here’s the truth: Copycats can only copy what they see. I’ve actually researched the market and gave it exactly what they wanted. I’ve correctly optimized my listing and then made a bunch.

If is passive ENOUGH

Boohoo. KDP Low content is not passive income. So what? Passive income is a scam, nothing is passive. Want to try being passive with your life? You will die of hunger and thirst. Nothing in life is passive, the quicker you can get rid of that fantasy, the better you will be. Not even Investments are truly passive, someone manages them.

KDP low content is passive ENOUGH. First of all, look at the long term and stop trying to do trends, this is tiring indeed, and if you focus on evergreen stuff…well you can earn without doing much. For example, I literally stopped working on my KDP stuff for 18 months.

That is a year an a half where I did nothing, no uploading, no looking at trends, just watch the dough roll in my account. Yeah sales declined to about half but name me a job that would let you slack off for 18 months that still pay you half your income.

It’s only after 18 months that I am starting to get back in the game again. And looking at the marketplace, there’s still so much opportunity in untapped niches it’s crazy.

Yes, it’s worth it

Just in case this wasn’t clear, the answer to is low content publishing worth it? is YES. Let everyone else think that there’s just too much competition and it’s too hard while you see nuggets of gold everywhere. As long as you can do right research and take the proper steps, there’s a lot of opportunity.

Ready to start?

I hope you enjoyed my article answering “is low content publishing worth it?”. If you want to start, start NOW. Every day that passes you are missing on niches that can be dominated. For a good overview of the process, check out my low content books guide, and if you want to know hot to REALLY be successful on KDP, then check out the best low content books courses. I highly recommend only one piece of software: Book Bolt. It has everything you need to dominate, it’s like the swiss army knife for low content publishing.

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