Best Dan Kennedy Course

Dan Kennedy is a prolific marketer. No kidding, his products probably run in the hundreds and span decades of work. In this article I am going to select the best Dan Kennedy course to add to your bottom line. Not all of his courses are available on the official site, you’ll probably have to dig deep to find them.

Best Dan Kennedy course

What I really like with Dan is how wildly entertaining and addicting his courses are, I just can’t have enough of them! That’s why I usually have one pass at the course just for fun, and then listen to it again. Before we go on, one word of warning, there are a few overlaps on some of his stuff, while that can be a downer, in my book that’s a marketing lesson in itself.

Also, he’s one of the very few marketers that tell you straight up what he does, even what he does to his own clients so that he earns. He’s pretty up front for example that the fees he gets for copywriting have very little to do with his skills but everything to do with his positioning for example. And that is priceless.. Anyway, onto the list…

Opportunity concepts

This course is one of the courses that had the most impact in internet marketing…to this day. The concept is simple, find out how opportunity marketers sell, and incorporate it into your own marketing. Some of the concepts have been adapted in other systems like Perry Belcher’s Secret Selling System and Russel Brunson’s Expert Secrets. As far as I know, it came from this course, and it is massive. Biggest takeaway: You are probably underestimating where your prospects are, so your marketing message is “above” them and therefore they won’t respond.

Source code to success

When I heard “Money is attracted to speed”, my first gut reaction was to say “bulldinky!”. Turns out Dan was right, indeed money is attracted to speed…and many other factors too. While it might sound metaphysical and “woowoo”, the essence of the teachings in this course are solid and it lays out everything money is attracted to. Biggest takeaway: Money doesn’t flow to the deserving. Money doesn’t respect pedigree, etc.

7 Figure Academy

This course is all about breaking the 7 figure barrier. But to be honest everyone can listen to this course and get lots from it. It’s all about the steps that help businesses grow beyond their current income. But it’s not really about marketing tips and tactics but more getting free of the mental trash and positioning yourself as being high-end. Biggest takeaway: Once good enough, optimizing your deliverable becomes diminishing return. You need a strong personal brand.

Mind Hijacking

Copywriting courses can be pretty basic. Not this one. Dan Kennedy has been writing copy for as long as some of us are alive, and in this course he reveals exactly how to write in order to influence your reader. This course is really long (15 hours about) but it reveals really high level copywriting strategies you can use to get the sale. It covers 62 min-control points so there’s a lot of it you can use in any situation.

Personality in copy

While all of the other course in this page are really long, this is a really good “short and sweet” one. There’s no way around it Dan is really good at keeping his clients with his newsletters and he reveals exactly how he does it to be so unique and compelling. Biggest takeaway and biggest secret is, it has to do with the persona you create more than anything. That’s where Dan’s love of fiction comes in and shows you how to keep your clients coming back and back again, just as Ian Flemming kept people coming back for James Bond’s new adventures.

Conclusion of best Dan Kennedy Courses

One of the most famous photographers said “We all owe something to Andre Kertesz”, you don’t need to know the name but something similar needs to be said “We all owe something to Dan Kennedy”. Not only some of the modern marketers studied under him, his concepts are still repackaged today, he will be missed.

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