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Hey there, sexy. The name’s Oliver Franco and I’ve been learning a healthy living online for a decade.
There’s a lot I wish I knew when I started, hence this site that focuses on simple strategies to earn a living in the digital world. As you can tell by this description…no hype, no b.s.


Oliver Franco

About 10 years ago, I heard my wife scream in the bathroom. Shocked I ran in and she showed me something that would forever change my life: Two bars on a pregnancy test.

I wish I had a shovel to dig and put my head in. There was no shovel so we went to the movies as it was already planned. I had no degree, no job and a kid on the way.

I knocked on every door I could, and begged for a job. Nobody would give me one. I turned to my computer and started searching how I could possibly make things work.

And this is where everyone will tell you that they found a magical potion that made them rich overnight. I wish that happened. But truth is, I fell for scam after scam, and I got so broke in fact that I had to pack a U-Haul and moved to a bedroom at my in-laws.

This is where, and I had nothing to do with it, I had ANOTHER kid. So: No job. No degree. 2 kids in a room at the in-laws.

I cut my teeth in and built my own business in a messy room at my in-laws.

Now? I live around the world (Korea, Vietnam, etc) with my family. I have multiple websites and occasionally freelance on projects. This site is all about separating the truth from the b.s. In short, this is the site I needed way back then. Enjoy!


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